Colonial Arms:Screw-in choke tubes in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, GagesCOLONIAL ARMS SUPER STEEL SCREW-IN CHOKE TUBE FOR STEEL SHOT

Tough, Blued Steel Designed To Take Steel Shot Abuse, So Gun Barrel Doesn’t.

The trouble with steel shot is that it will bulge even the toughest, thickest shotgun 1 rel at the choke, gradually destroying not only pattern density but the barrel itself. Plus, the battering also jams the choke tube threads into the barrel threads, making removal extremely difficult. Colonial has solved the problem by making their Super Steel tubes with the choke beyond the barrel and threads. Even Colonial’s tough, thick, blued steel Super Steel tube will expand, but when it does, all that is damaged is the tube, not an expensive barrel. Just unscrew the tube and replace with a new one.

SPECS: Biued steel. Approximately 2 5/8″ (6.7cm) long, except “Long Invisible” which are 3 1/8″( 17.9cm) long. Threads are as follows
Win-Choke  Invisible 12ga. are .812″-32 tpi, 20 ga. are .687″-32 tpi:
Rem  Choke Long Invisible 12 ga. are .812″-32 tpi:
Tru-Choke”-style Tru-Tube 10ga.are .865″-44 tpi, 12ga. are .795″-44 tpi, 16 ga. are . 718″-44 tpi, 20 ga. are .675″-44 tpi;  28ga. are .613″-44 tpi
Tru-Choke” – style Thinwall are . 774 “-44. tpi

Hastings:Flush mount screw-in choke tubes in  Eather the Win-Choke Style tube or the Tru-Choke Style tube in 12 and 20 Gages.

Quality Replacement Choke Tubes
“Hide” In The Barrel


Replacement tubes to fit shotgun barrels that have been con­verted with Clymer or Colonial Standard Tru-Choke”
 -style tooling system (not Thinwall). Also fit Hastings CTI barrels. For use with LEAD SHOT ONLY!
SPECS: 12 ga. -.794 “-44 tpi. 20 ga..674”-44 tpi.


Extended Tubes Produce Extra-Tight Patterns For Card Shoots And Gobblers
Longer, parallel choke section restrictions and smaller muzzle diame­ters give even “tighter-than-extra-full” pat­terns with lead shot. Made from heat-treated, 17-4 stainless steel for exceptional strength. Bead-blasted and bl Lied. dull, matte finish that won’t spook game.
For use with LEAD SHOT ONLY! Pattern shotgun with largest restriction first.
SPECS: 12 ga. only to fit following styles: Wm-ChokeP: 812′-32 tpi Tru-Choke”: .794″-44 tpi. Rem” Choke: .812′-32 tpi.

The Mystique of the 1911 Pistol

   I have held and fired a lot of pistols and there are a lot of very good ones out there which aren’t 1911-pattern pistols. But when you
pick up a 1911, especially a government issue or mil-spec, you get a vibe. The gun has a certain aura, a feeling about it that is unique
among handguns, a mystique. So what is it about this particular handgun which gives it the enduring appeal and singular identity among
handguns that it possesses?

  Elements of the Mystique

The Testosterone Factor – “.45” is synonymous with “big, powerful pistol.” The gun goes off with authoritative thunder, a “boom” not a
“crack.” Just the sight of this gun evokes images of Sgt. Alvin York single-handedly capturing a regiment of Germans accompanied
only by his M1917 Enfield rifle and his M1911, of John Wayne in “Sands of Iwo Jima”, Navy SEALS, and the Texas Rangers. Our
villains are there too: the Dillinger Gang with their 1911 accessorized with the front grip and magazine of a Thompson submachine gun,
Dutch Schultz, and Bonnie and Clyde. It’s a big pistol. It looks big and feels solid. It launches a big 230 grain bullet and can deliver
over 550 ft.lbs. of energy on impact.

Individuality and Customization – Any new-in-the-box 1911 is really a custom kit. The 1911 is to handguns what the `57 Chevy is to
hotrods or the P-51 Mustang to air racers, the ultimate platform for customization. Pistoleros inclined to tinkering eventually find their
way to the 1911. Aftermarket parts abound for this pistol, and you can make it into almost anything your heart desires. The design
requirements for the pistol specified a gun which could be serviced in the field with a minimum number of tools, and it can be
completely disassembled using only its own parts. Consequently, the 1911 is very accessible from a mechanical point of view. It is
relatively easy to install custom parts or modify existing ones. Few 1911s remain completely stock for very long, unless they are those
models which include the custom features usually added to the mil-spec guns, such as extended beavertails, custom triggers and
hammers, full length guide rods, and decorative grips. For those who seek a personalized sidearm, the 1911 is one of the best
platforms from which to begin.

Accuracy – The 1911 is one of the most accurate autoloaders ever built. The original government issue 1911s were built with generous
tolerances in order to keep them functioning in combat conditions. Hence, they were reasonably accurate, but not outstanding.
Gunsmiths learned to tune the military surplus guns for greater accuracy by tightening the slides and adding match grade barrels and
bushings. Newer incarnations of the 1911 are built to tighter tolerances, yielding pistols with outstanding accuracy. The long 5″ barrel
of the Government Model is also an asset, but pistols with shorter barrels also display great accuracy. In my own opinion, a modern
1911 is generally a more accurate handgun than the .45 offerings of leading makers such as SIG, Glock, H&K, and Smith & Wesson.

The single action trigger of the 1911 is its glory and curse. The 1911 must be cocked, either by hand (not recommended) or by
racking the slide. You cannot cock the hammer by pulling the trigger as is done with a double action revolver or autoloader. For this
reason, the pistol must be cocked and locked with the manual safety on in order to be ready to fire quickly. Browning’s 1911
prototype did not have the manual safety at all. Browning felt that the grip safety was sufficient, but the Army disagreed and directed
Browning to add the thumb activated manual safety on the side of the frame. Even with the double safety configuration, the Army
remained jumpy about the action and trained soldiers to carry the pistol hammer down on an empty chamber. See “The Conditions of

This action, the source of so much anxiety, is also the basis for the pistol’s accuracy, speed, and consistency. Since there is no double
action linkage to add resistance and catches, the trigger pull of the 1911 is very short and light, requiring only about 5 lbs. of pressure
to fire. Every shot is the same since there isn’t the long, hard, cocking pull of the first shot of a DA/SA auto. The result is better trigger
control and consistency.

Power – The .45 ACP is a proven stopper. The only other handgun cartridge which has demonstrated stopping power comparable to
the .45 ACP is the 125 grain .357 Magnum jacketed hollowpoint. The Army moved to the .45 caliber bullet after the failure of the .38
Long Colt to stop the Moro tribesmen in the Philippines. Contrary to popular myth, the .45 ACP was not issued in the Philippines
during the Moro uprising, but the experience with the Moros led the Army to specify the .45 for its new autoloader. The Moros used
religious ritual and body binding to put themselves into an altered state of consciousness prior to battles, and the .38 Long Colt would
not adequately stop these highly motivated warriors. Moving forward a century, law enforcement is again looking to the brute force
stopping power of the .45 ACP to deal the current generation of criminals, many of whom use drugs which numb the senses, suppress
the response to systemic shock, and repress the survival instinct. While ballistics mavens may argue the merits of their particular pet
cartridges, few would argue that there is a better pistol cartridge than the .45 ACP. It has been decisively stopping fights for longer
than most of us have been on this troubled little planet.

Cocked, locked and ready to rock– From Chuck Taylor, “The controls of the 1911 are well-located for quick, efficient use and
require no fine motor skill to operate, a major advantage when the adrenaline is pumping through your veins like a high-pressure
pipeline. In fact, the slide stop/release, magazine release button and thumb safety of the M1911 are so easy to operate that no
additional training is required. Even when the gun is being presented from a holster, proper training techinque incorporates
disengagement of the thumb safety at the appropriate time. As practical firearms go, we’ll search far and wide for something as easy to
use effectively, particularly under stress, as Old Ugly.”

The Last of the Cowboy Guns – In some ways, the 1911 is the last of the cowboy guns. It was, after all, a product of the 19th
Century, designed as a sidearm for horse-mounted cavalry, and carries the single action legacy of the old cowboy six guns from
Samuel Colt. Only a few other autoloaders adopted the single action trigger such as the Llama .380, the Colt Government .380, and
the Browning Hi-Power, Browning’s last, and perhaps, most elegant design. Other pistol designers did not adopt the grip safety and
tended to follow the double action/single action pattern being used in French and German pistols built by FN, Walther, and Mauser.
The 1911 launches a big, slow bullet, hearkening back again to the six shooters of the fabled Old West. The Europeans, by way of
contrast, tended to favor the smaller and faster cartridges such as the .32, .380, and 9mm Luger.

Tenure – Some designs capture our imaginations and become archetypes by virtue of their success and staying power: The Single
Action Colt Revolver, the Snubnose .38 Special, the 30-30 Winchester lever-action Rifle, The AK-47, the Winchester12 gauge pump
shotgun, the bolt action Mauser rifle, and the M-16. The 1911 is one of these enduring design archetypes. I know of no other firearm
introduced in 1911 which is still in production virtually unchanged. Today, scores of manufacturers produce 1911-pattern guns, and
many more make their living through customizing and servicing the venerable hand cannon. The 1911 is an extremely durable design
and it is not uncommon to find 1911’s with a service life of 150,000 rounds. Perhaps we like the things which endure, those things
which have been battle tested and validated time and time again. Maybe it’s just a really good design that we like. Regardless of the
explanations, the shear staying-power of the 1911 .45 ACP is an element of its mystique.

Tenure, history, individuality, power, ease of use, and accuracy–these things make up the mystique of the 1911-pattern pistol. Is it the
best? It is if you like it the best. For me, it’s the most enjoyable handgun to shoot and study of them all.

With permission of The Sight 1911A1

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Exploded View’s

Here are some exploded firearms drawings and parts lists.



    • Beretta 92 pistol. (130KB) This drawing is of the original 92, but it will also work with the various suffix models (such as the 92F).
    • Beretta Model 90 MODEL 90 DOUBLE ACTION AUTOMATIC .32 ACP cal., 3 5/8 in barrel, fixec sights, blue, plastic grips. Mfg. 1969-1983.
    • Beretta A-300 and A-301 (163KB) Semi-auto shotgun. This drawing is of an older model, but will give a good idea of the parts of all Beretta Semi-auto shotguns.
    • Beretta 680-687 The Over-Under shotguns






Heckler & Koch:

High Standard:



Japanese military arms:


    •  Kimber 82 Model 82 U.S. Goverment Bolt-Action Rifle





North American Arms:




Russian/USSR military arms:


Smith & Wesson:

    • S&W Model 19 revolver. (161KB) S&W “K” frame revolvers.
    • S&W Model 36 revolver. (144KB) S&W “J” frame revolvers.
    • S&W Model 39 pistol. (170KB) Single stack magazine. There are some changes to the 3rd generation.
    • S&W Model 41 pistol. (203KB) Rimfire target pistol.
    • S&W Model 59 pistol. (145KB) High capacity 9mm. There are some changes to the 3rd generation.
    • S&W 44 American revolver. Basic Scofield design.
    • S&W Model_410 Traditional DA/SA



    • Sig 220 pistol. (146KB) Is the basic design for the Sig double action pistols except the 230.
    • Sig 230 pistol.(148KB)

Short Magazine Lee Enfield:

    • No. 1 Mk III bolt action rifle. (172 KB) Can be used for almost all British Enfields.



Thompson Center:

U.S. Military arms:


    • Walther P-38 pistol.(137KB)
    • Walther PPK pistol. (153KB) Can be used to some extent for the Markarov and the PP, PPK/S and PPK clones.


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Shilen or Douglas barrels.

Your choice of barrel.
Shilen Barrel Cal., .17-10,.224-9,.224-12,.224-14,.22Rem-16,6mm-10,6mm-12,.257-10,
Douglas Barrel Cal., .17-10,.224-9,.224-12,.224-14,.22Rem-16,6mm-10,6mm-12,.257-10,


Colonial Arms  Screw-in choke tubes in 10, 12, 16, 20, and 410 Gages

Hastings Flush mount screw-in choke tubes in  Either the Win-Choke Style tube or the Tru-Choke Style tube in 12 and 20 Gages.


Clean all Pistols and Revolvers.

 Clean all Pistols and Revolvers____________________________________________$10.00

Handgun work

 Semi-Auto pistol action job,
Clean, smooth action, not including parts___________________________________$50.00
Throat,polish barrel and feed ramp 1911 auto_______________________________$25.00
Fit custom hammer to 1911,dos not including cost of hammer__________________$40.00
Modify 1911 auto frame for beavertail safety,
includes fitting of safety,dos NOT include cost
of safety____________________________________________________________$60.00
Fit custom hammer to 1911,dos NOT include cost of hammer_________________$40.00
Tighten slide of 1911 auto_____________________________________________$50.00
Build custom pistols
Build custom barrels


 All bluing it a hot bluing bath.


 Oxynate 7 Rebluing

 Wire wheel or matte finish $75.00

 Hunter Finish

 Pit and old finish are removed, gun finished off with #140 grit polish on loose wheel

 Handgun $125.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $150.00

 Deluxe Finish

 Same as above followed with #240 and #400 grit with all screw hole and corners protected and squared

 Handgun $150.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $175.00

 Master Finish

 Same as Deluxe finish with all polishing marks removed, no ripple, and finished with #555 polish to a mirror finish

 Handgun $175.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $200.00



Hunter Finish

 Unfilled oil or lacquer finish on average stock $100.00

 Same finish, but on a complicated stock $125.00

 Gunsmith Finish

 Filled,rubbed oil finish on average stock $150.00

 Same finish, but on a complicated stock $175.00

 Glass Bedding Barrel & Action Hunting rifle $65.00

 Inletting and Finishing of Semi-Finished Stock

 Not including checkering,recoil pade,Special butt plate,grip cap or other attachments. $150.00

 Fit,Bed and Finish Fiberglass Stock blank $175.00

 Pre finished Synthetic Stock,Fit and install barreled action $100.00

Current Specials

 Per Man Hour $25.00
 Per Man & Machine Hour $30.00
 Minimum charge per gun $25.00
 Written appraisals, cost estimates $25.00



 Consisting of completely stripping gun, cleaning all parts.checking for wear. Making suggestions to a customer of service need to put in A-1 condition $20.00

The Conditions of Readiness

   The legendary guru of the combat 1911, Jeff Cooper, came up with the “Condition” system to define the state of readiness of the
1911-pattern pistol. The are:

Condition 0 – A round is in the chamber, hammer is cocked, and the safety is off.

Condition 1 – Also known as “cocked and locked,” means a round is in the chamber, the hammer is cocked, and the manual thumb
safety on the side of the frame is applied.

Condition 2 – A round is in the chamber and the hammer is down.

Condition 3 – The chamber is empty and hammer is down with a charged magazine in the gun.

Condition 4 – The chamber is empty, hammer is down and no magazine is in the gun.

The mode of readiness preferred by the experts is Condition One. Generally speaking, Condition One offers the best balance of
readiness and safety. Its biggest drawback is that it looks scary to people who don’t understand the operation and safety features of
the pistol.

Condition Two is problematic for several reasons, and is the source of more negligent discharges than the other conditions. When you
rack the slide to chamber a round in the 1911, the hammer is cocked and the manual safety is off. There is no way to avoid this with
the 1911 design. In order to lower the hammer, the trigger must be pulled and the hammer lowered slowly with the thumb onto the
firing pin, the end of which is only a few millimeters away from the primer of a live round. Should the thumb slip, the hammer would
drop and fire the gun. Not only would a round be launched in circumstances which would be at best embarrassing and possibly tragic,
but also the thumb would be behind the slide as it cycled, resulting in serious injury to the hand. A second problem with this condition
is that the true 1911A1 does not have a firing pin block and an impact on the hammer which is resting on the firing pin could
conceivably cause the gun to go off, although actual instances of this are virtually nonexistent. Finally, in order to fire the gun, the
hammer must be manually cocked, again with the thumb. In an emergency situation, this adds another opportunity for something to go
wrong and slows the acquisition of the sight picture.

Condition Three adds a degree of “insurance” against an accidental discharge since there is no round in the chamber. To bring the gun
into action from the holster, the pistol must be drawn and the slide racked as the pistol is brought to bear on the target. This draw is
usually called “the Israeli draw” since it was taught by Israeli security and defense forces. Some of the real expert trainers can do an
Israeli draw faster than most of us can do a simple draw, but for most of us, the Israeli draw adds a degree of complexity, an extra
step, and an opening for mistakes in the process of getting the front sight onto the target.
With permission of The Sight 1911A1



Many major retailers (Sears, Wards, etc.) have always put their own brand name on guns they have sold. The following list shows the brand name and the original model it should cross over to for parts ordering. We would appreciate comments, additions and corrections to the list.

Aldens 670 Springfield 67
Aldens 670 Savage 67
Belknap 964A Stevens 87N
Belknap B63 Springfield 947
Belknap B63 Savage 947B
Belknap B63E Savage 940E
Belknap B64 Savage 67
Belknap B65C Springfield 745
Belknap B65C Savage 745
Belknap B68 Savage 94C
Belknap B68D Savage 94D
Belknap B963 Springfield 120
Belknap B963 Savage 120
Belknap B964 Savage 87J
Belknap B967 Savage 87N
Coast to Coast 180 Savage 58
Coast to Coast 180D Savage 18D
Coast to Coast 182 Savage 18S
Coast to Coast 184 Savage 951
Coast to Coast 267 Savage 77
Coast to Coast 285 Savage 7J
Coast to Coast 286 Savage 46
Coast to Coast 288 Savage 87J
Coast to Coast 320 Savage 120
Coast to Coast 367 Savage 30
Coast to Coast 40 Marlin 99C
Coast to Coast 42 Marlin 70
Coast to Coast 650 Marlin 55
Coast to Coast 779 Mossberg 479
Coast to Coast 843 Savage 340
Coast to Coast 843 Springfield 840
Coast to Coast 843 2 DS Savage 340 (.222)
Coast to Coast 843 3 DS Savage 340 (.30-30)
Coast to Coast 946 Stevens 940
Coast to Coast 946 Springfield 947
Coast to Coast 946E Stevens 940E
Coast to Coast 946Y Stevens 940Y
Cotter & Co. 10-40 Glenfield 10
Cotter & Co. 10-40 Marlin 101
Cotter & Co. 121 Stevens 120
Cotter & Co. 121 Stevens 15
Cotter & Co. 167 Springfield 67
Cotter & Co. 167T Savage 30
Cotter & Co. 168 Savage 30
Cotter & Co. 168 Springfield 67VR
Cotter & Co. 287 Springfield 87J
Cotter & Co. 33 Marlin 336C
Cotter & Co. 410 Savage 110E
Cotter & Co. 424 Savage 24F
Cotter & Co. 434 Savage 34
Cotter & Co. 474 Savage 170
Cotter & Co. 474 Springfield 174
Cotter & Co. 487T Springfield 187
Cotter & Co. 489 Savage 89
Cotter & Co. 60-50 Glenfield 60
Cotter & Co. 60-50 Marlin 99C
Cotter & Co. 645 Savage 745
Cotter & Co. 645C Savage 745C
Cotter & Co. 75-45 Marlin 99M1
Cotter & Co. 75-45 Glenfield 75
Cotter & Co. 842 Springfield 840
Cotter & Co. 911 Springfield 511
Cotter & Co. 918 Springfield 18
Cotter & Co. 948 Stevens 940
Cotter & Co. 948E Savage 948E
Cotter & Co. 949 Springfield 944
Cotter & Co. 949C Savage 940
Cotter & Co. 949Y Savage 944Y
C.I.L. 125 Anschutz 184
C.I.L. 212 Savage 7J
C.I.L. 221 Savage 7J
C.I.L. 227 Savage 87J
C.I.L. 233 Savage 25N
C.I.L. 266 Savage 187
C.I.L. 402 Boito CBC
C.I.L. 470 Anschutz 520/61
C.I.L. 607 Savage 67
C.I.L. 607 TD Savage 30 Field Grade
C.I.L. 621 Savage 30
C.I.L. 621 TD Savage 30D
C.I.L. 710 Savage 311
C.I.L. 725 Savage Fox BDE
C.I.L. 830 Savage 340
C.I.L. 871 Savage 170
C.I.L. 950C,D Savage 110C,D
C.I.L. MKVII H&R 865
Eastern Arms 101.1 Stevens 94B
Eastern Arms 101.13 Savage 416
Foremost see J.C. Penney
Gamble Skogkmo, Hiawatha, Pioneer
Gamble Pioneer 26 Savage 5B, 86E
Gamble Skogkmo 130 Savage 30
Gamble Skogkmo 1300-567 VR Savage 67VR
Gamble Skogkmo 180N Savage 87N
Gamble Skogkmo 189J Savage 87J
Gamble Skogkmo 189N Stevens 87N
Gamble Skogkmo 521 Savage 120
Gamble Skogkmo 567 Savage 67
Gamble Skogkmo 587 Savage 187
Gamble Skogkmo 594 Savage 944
Gamble Skogkmo 594Y Savage 944Y
Gamble Skogkmo GU12-5517A J.C. Higgins 60 & 66
Globco Mohawk Russian Tokarev
Hawthorn see Wards
Hercules 50 Stevens 5100
Hercules 11 H&R Topper 48 (.410ga)
Huntsman 25C Marlin Goose Gun
Hiawatha see Gamble
J.C. Higgins see Sears
J.C. Penney common name, Foremost
J.C. Penney 2025 Marlin 80C
J.C. Penney 2035 Marlin 80
J.C. Penney 2035 Glenfield 20
J.C. Penney 2066 Marlin 49DL
J.C. Penney 2935 Marlin 336
J.C. Penney 3040 Marlin 336
J.C. Penney 3040 Glenfield 30A
J.C. Penney 4011 High Standard Flite King
J.C. Penney 6400 Savage 340
J.C. Penney 6610 Savage 120
J.C. Penney 6630 Glenfield 50
J.C. Penney 6630 Marlin 55
J.C. Penney 6647 Savage 944
J.C. Penney 6647 Springfield 944
J.C. Penney 6660 Glenfield 60
J.C. Penney 6660 Marlin 99C
J.C. Penney 6670 Springfield 67H
J.C. Penney 6670 Savage 67
J.C. Penney 6870 Savage 30
J.C. Penney 6870H Savage 30H
Katz F-1282 Marlin 989M2
Katz F-1282 Glenfield 70
Katz F-1287 Marlin 55
Katz F-1287 Glenfield 50
Kresge 151 Boito CBC
K-Mart 151 Boito CBC
New Haven 220K Mossberg 320K-A
New Haven 240K Mossberg 340K
New Haven 246K Mossberg 346K-A
New Haven 250K Mossberg 152K
New Haven 250KB Mossberg 350K-A
New Haven 273 Mossberg 173
New Haven 273A Mossberg 173A
New Haven 283,D Mossberg 183,D
New Haven 284 Mossberg 173
New Haven 285 Mossberg 185D-C
New Haven 290 Mossberg 190D-A
New Haven 295 Mossberg 195D
New Haven 453 Mossberg 353
New Haven 600AB Mossberg 500AB
New Haven 600C Mossberg 500C
New Haven 600E Mossberg 500E
New Haven 679 Mossberg 472
New Haven 740 Mossberg 640
Otasco 30 Marlin 336
Otasco 30 Glenfield 30A
Otasco 65 Glenfield 60
Otasco 65 Marlin 99C
Palmetto 11 Stevens 85,89
Premier Trail Blazer Stevens 29A
Revelation, see Western Auto
Sears, Ranger, J.C. Higgins
J.C. Higgins 101.1 Savage 94
J.C. Higgins 101.24 Savage 15-120
J.C. Higgins 20 High Standard 200
J.C. Higgins 36 bolt Marlin 80
J.C. Higgins 36 auto High Standard 34
J.C. Higgins 42DL Marlin 80
J.C. Higgins 52 Sako L46
J.C. Higgins 54 Browning FN300
J.C. Higgins 583.13–581.23 High Standard 10
J.C. Higgins 583.2078-79 High Standard 20ga pump
J.C. Higgins 583.514-730 High Standard 20ga pump
J.C. Higgins 6670H Stevens 67H
J.C. Higgins 80 High Standard 101
Ranger 101.2 Savage 238
Ranger 101.3 Fulton Special
Ranger 101.8 Stevens 83
Ranger 104.7 H&R 120
Ranger 105.20 H&R 120
Ranger 120 Winchester 1200
Ranger 30 Stevens 520A
Ranger 34 Marlin 65,65A
Ranger 34A Marlin 80,C,780
Ranger 34A Marlin 50-50E
Ranger 35A Stevens 66A
Ranger 36 Marlin 80 Adj. Trigger
Ranger 400 Stevens 311
Sears 101.1 Savage 94
Sears 101.100 Savage 96/96Y
Sears 101.10040 Savage 94
Sears 101.10041 Savage 94
Sears 101.10080 Stevens 940
Sears 101.1120 Savage 51,951
Sears 101.12 Stevens 39
Sears 101.13 Stevens 86-7
Sears 101.138 Savage 38A,58A
Sears 101.138 Springfield 18 (.410ga)
Sears 101.1380 Springfield 18,18C
Sears 101.1380 Stevens 58,C
Sears 101.1381 Springfield 18,951 E,F
Sears 101.1381 Stevens 58,51 E,F
Sears 101.16 Savage 6,87
Sears 101.1610 Savage 540DL
Sears 101.1610 Savage Fox BDL
Sears 101.1610 Fox BST BC,BD,BE,B-F
Sears 101.1620-1670 Stevens 530,A,311,A,C
Sears 101.1700 Savage 94
Sears 101.1701 Fox BSE C,D,Ser F,H
Sears 101.1701-C Savage BSE
Sears 101.1710 Savage Fox BDE
Sears 101.1710 Savage 540 BDE
Sears 101.1750 Savage 94
Sears 101.1760 Savage 94
Sears 101.19 Stevens 827-7
Sears 101.20 Stevens 15
Sears 101.22 Stevens 87M(Musket)
Sears 101.25 Stevens 39A,59A,B&C
Sears 101.2830 Savage 63-73
Sears 101.2830 Savage 73
Sears 101.3 Stevens 237
Sears 101.3538830 Stevens 89
Sears 101.4 Stevens 38
Sears 101.40 Springfield 947,D.Y
Sears 101.40 Stevens 940,D,Y,DY
Sears 101.451 Marlin 336
Sears 101.5 Stevens 37
Sears 101.51004 Savage 94
Sears 101.510070 Savage 94
Sears 101.51009 Springfield 944,Y,series A
Sears 101.51013 Springfield 944,Y,series A
Sears 101.51024 Savage 94
Sears 101.51026 Savage 94
Sears 191.510270 Savage 94
Sears 101.51044 Savage 94
Sears 101.510660 Stevens 9478
Sears 101.510660 Springfield 944Y series A
Sears 101.510670 Stevens 9478
Sears 101.510680 Stevens 9478
Sears 101.512220 Stevens 5100,530,511
Sears 101.512230 Stevens 5100,530,511
Sears 101.51451 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51452 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51454 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51472 Springfield 67 Series B
Sears 101.52701 Stevens 71,74s/s
Sears 101.52772 Savage 34,65,34M,65M
Sears 101.52773 Savage 34,65,34M,65M
Sears 101.5350 Springfield 18,58
Sears 101.5350-D Stevens 18D
Sears 101.53521 Savage 340
Sears 101.53527 Savage 340
Sears 101.5380 Savage 18/18AC,58
Sears 101.5380 Springfield 18(12,16,20ga)
Sears 101.5380D Stevens 18ADC
Sears 101.538840 Savage 34,65,34M,65M
Sears 101.540 Fox B-BST,BDL
Sears 101.5410 Springfield 18,58
Sears 101.5410D Savage 18D
Sears 101.5410D Springfield 18DS
Sears 101.54880 Stevens 80 Series A
Sears 101.54880 Springfield 187 Series A
Sears 101.54881 Marlin 980DL, 987
Sears 101.600 Stevens 39A,59A,B,C
Sears 101.7 Stevens 311
Sears 101.750 Springfield 18 (.410ga)
Sears 101.750 Savage 38A,58A
Sears 101.7C Stevens 311C
Sears 101.8 Stevens 83
Sears 102 Stevens 240
Sears 102.25 Stevens 520A
Sears 102.35 Savage M521
Sears 102.35 Savage M/29-D2
Sears 103.13 Marlin 81
Sears 103.16 Marlin 80
Sears 103.18 Marlin 100
Sears 103.181 Marlin 101
Sears 103.1977 Marlin 101
Sears 103.19770 Marlin 101
Sears 103.19771 Marlin 101
Sears 103.19780 Marlin 101
Sears 103.19790 Marlin 80
Sears 103.19791 Marlin 80
Sears 103.19800 Marlin 80
Sears 103.19801 Marlin 80
Sears 103.1981 Marlin 81
Sears 103.19810 Marlin 81
Sears 103.19811 Marlin 81
Sears 103.1982 Marlin 81DL
Sears 103.19820 Marlin 81
Sears 103.19821 Marlin 81
Sears 103.19840 Marlin 56
Sears 103.19880 Marlin 57(lr/mag)
Sears 103.19881 Marlin 57(lr/mag)
Sears 103.19890 Marlin 57(lr/mag)
Sears 103.2 Marlin 80
Sears 103.228 Marlin 80
Sears 103.229 Marlin 81
Sears 103.273 Marlin 782
Sears 103.273 Marlin 980
Sears 103.274 Marlin 122
Sears 103.275 Marlin 122
Sears 103.2751 Marlin 122
Sears 103.2840 Marlin 80
Sears 103.2850 Marlin 81
Sears 103.2870 Marlin 56
Sears 103.350 Marlin M90
Sears 103.360 Marlin 90
Sears 103.4 Marlin A1
Sears 103.450 Marlin 336
Sears 103.451 Marlin 336
Sears 103.720 Marlin 59
Sears 103.740 Marlin 59
Sears 103.8 Marlin 100
Sears 10.19790 Marlin 80
Sears 11.2 Stevens 238
Sears 153.512350 Laurona S/S
Sears 153.512351 Laurona S/S
Sears 153.512360 Laurona S/S
Sears 153.512361 Laurona S/S
Sears 153.512740 Laurona 71O/U
Sears 153.512741 Laurona 71O/U
Sears 18 Mossberg 183K
Sears 18AC Savage 18C
Sears 2C Winchester 131
Sears 20 High Standard 200
Sears 200 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 Mossberg G4
Sears 201 Mossberg 80
Sears 202 Mossberg 80
Sears 203 Mossberg 85
Sears 204 Mossberg 83
Sears 205 Mossberg 73
Sears 206 Mossberg 70
Sears 207 Mossberg 75
Sears 209 Stevens 84-7
Sears 21 High Standard K2011
Sears 210 Mossberg 85B
Sears 211 Mossberg 83B
Sears 211 Stevens 86-7
Sears 212 Mossberg 73B
Sears 213 Mossberg 75B
Sears 215 Mossberg 85C
Sears 216 Mossberg 83C
Sears 217 Mossberg 75C
Sears 217 Stevens 87M(Musket)
Sears 218 Mossberg 73C
Sears 218 Stevens .22-410
Sears 231 Stevens 83
Sears 232 Stevens 87-7
Sears 233 Stevens 87-7
Sears 234 Savage 234
Sears 238 Stevens 827-7
Sears 25 High Standard A1041(.22auto)
Sears 273.2400 Winchester 190
Sears 273.27510(2C) Winchester 131
Sears 273.27520(2M) Winchester 131
Sears 273.510770 Winchester 37A
Sears 273.510780 Winchester 37A
Sears 273.510790 Winchester 37A
Sears 273.53421 Winchester 100
Sears 277 Stevens 15
Sears 278.28180 Cooey 64
Sears 281.512650 Antonio Zoli O/U
Sears 281.512651 Antonio Zoli O/U
Sears 281.512660 Antonio Zoli O/U
Sears 281.512661 Antonio Zoli O/U
Sears 281.512750 Antonio Zoli O/U
Sears 282.510821 Boito ERA Single Bbl
Sears 282.510831 Boito ERA Single Bbl
Sears 282.510841 Boito ERA Single Bbl
Sears 282.5227740 CBC 122
Sears 282.527740 FIE 122
Sears 2C Winchester 131
Sears 2T Winchester 121,131,141
Sears 2/57 Stevens 66
Sears 2/58 Stevens 66
Sears 30 High Standard 22 Pump
Sears 300 Winchester 1400
Sears 31 J.C. Higgins 31
Sears 33 J.C. Higgins 33
Sears 34 J.C. Higgins 34
Sears 340.530430 Ithaca 49 SS
Sears 35A Stevens 66A
Sears 36 Marlin 80
Sears 375 Mossberg 45B
Sears 377 Mossberg 42C
Sears 381 Mossberg 46B
Sears 382 Mossberg 46B
Sears 384 Mossberg 45A
Sears 385 Mossberg 45B
Sears 387 Mossberg 42C
Sears 388 Mossberg 42C
Sears 389 Mossberg 42Aor26C
Sears 390 Mossberg 26C
Sears 3T Winchester 190
Sears 41 Marlin 101
Sears 41DLA Marlin 122
Sears 42 Marlin 80
Sears 42DL Marlin 80
Sears 42DLM Marlin 980
Sears 43 Marlin 81
Sears 43DL Marlin 81
Sears 44DL Marlin 57
Sears 44DLM Marlin 57M
Sears 45 Marlin 336C
Sears 46 Marlin 56
Sears 46DL Marlin 56
Sears 49-80 Stevens 94-2 w/pad
Sears 49.118 .30-30 Savage 99A
Sears 5100 Stevens 311
Sears 53 Winchester 70
Sears 54 Winchester 94
Sears 583.1 High Standard ?
Sears 583.126 Sako L46
Sears 583.13 High Standard 10
Sears 583.14 H&R 120
Sears 583.15 H&R 121
Sears 583.16 High Standard 10
Sears 583.17 High Standard ?
Sears 583.18 H&R 120
Sears 583.2 H&R M120
Sears 583.20 High Standard Flite King
Sears 583.2003 High Standard M200
Sears 583.2003 J.C. Higgins M20
Sears 583.2085-87 High Standard 20ga pump
Sears 583.21 H&R M120
Sears 583.25 H&R M121
Sears 583.3 H&R M121
Sears 583.4 High Standard 10
Sears 583.7 High Standard 10
Sears 583.91 H&R 121
Sears 6C (Canada) Winchester Cooey 64,64B
Sears 6C (American) Winchester 490
Sears 66 J.C. Higgins 66
Sears 73 Savage 73
Sears 870.528140 Voere Clip .22
Sears 92 Stevens 39
Sears 93 Stevens 38
Sears 94 Stevens 237
Sears 95 Stevens 238
Sears 97 Savage 94
Sears 97AC Savage 94AC
Sears 98 Stevens 37
Sears 98 Springfield 944
Sears M30 Stevens M520
Sears MZM Savage 34
Sears 100 273.532151 Winchester NM 94
Sears 200 273.25320 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.2011 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.21010 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.2160 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.2250 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.2251 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.2280 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4310 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4320 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4340 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4350 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4410 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4420 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.4450 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514010 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514011 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514020 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514040 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514050 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514051 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514210 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514220 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514250 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514251 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514810 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514820 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514830 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.514840 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515010 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515020 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515050 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515051 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515080 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515090 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515220 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515221 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515250 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515251 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515280 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515290 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515410 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515420 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515710 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515720 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.515920 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.5310 Winchester 1200
Sears 200 273.5350 Winchester 1200
Sears 2T 273.27530 Winchester 141
Sears 300 273.1310 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.1320 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.1350 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.21010 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.21550 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.2500 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.2540 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.32060 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.32070 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521050 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521051 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521080 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521090 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521160 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521161 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521250 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521251 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521260 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521280 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521290 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521580 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521680 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521710 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521770 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.521780 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.523251 Winchester 1400
Sears 300 273.52151 Winchester 1400
Sears 3T-A 273.2390 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.2400 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.528110 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.528111 Winchester 190-290
Sears 4T 273.2360 Winchester 270
Sears 53A 273.532780 Winchester 70A
Sears 54 273.2120 Winchester NM 94
Sears 54 273.532140 Winchester NM 94
Sears 54 273.53419 Winchester NM 94
Sears 54 273.810 Winchester NM 94
Sears 54 273.811 Winchester NM 94
Sears 6C 273.28130 Winchester 490
Sears 6C 273.528131 Winchester 490
Sears 6C(Canada) 273.528131 Cooey 64B
Sears 6C 273.528132 Winchester 490
Sears M1 273.27010 Winchester 121
Sears M5,M-5T 273.2340 Winchester 150-250
Sears M5,M-5T 273.2341 Winchester 150-250
Sears M5,M-5T 273.2350 Winchester 150-250
Sears M5,M-5T 273.2351 Winchester 150-250
Sears T.W. 73 273.532730 Winchester 670 Mag
Sears T.W. 73 273.31020 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1390 Winchester NM 70(30-06)
Sears T.W. 73 273.1400 Winchester NM 70 (.270)
Sears T.W. 73 273.1830 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1840 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1850 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1870 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.31010 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.31060 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32020 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32030 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32040 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.532061 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.532071 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.532081 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.53403 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.53406 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.53409 Winchester NM 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32010 Winchester NM 70
Ted Williams 340.530430 Ithaca 49SS
Shapleigh’s King Nitro Savage 15
Simmons 411 Savage 540DL
Simmons 411 Savage Fox BDE 20ga
Simmons 411E Savage 540 BDE
Simmons 411E Savage Fox BDE 20ga
Talo 12DL Stevens 120
Talo 176 VR Springfield 67VR
Talo 176DL Springfield 67
Western Auto, Revelation
Revelation 300 Savage 30 D,E,F
Revelation 394 Series P Stevens 94P
Revelation 76 High Standard Double Nine
Revelation R310 Mossberg 500AB
Western Auto 100 Mossberg 321
Western Auto 101 Savage 73
Western Auto 101Y Savage 73Y
Western Auto 101.1701 Savage 540BS
Western Auto 101.171 Savage 540BD
Western Auto 101.2830 Savage 73
Western Auto 101.52772 Savage 65M
Western Auto 101.5350 Savage 18
Western Auto 101.5350D Savage 18D
Western Auto 101.53521 Savage 340
Western Auto 101.5380 Savage 18AC
Western Auto 101.5380D Savage 18DAC
Western Auto 101.5410 Savage 18DS,S
Western Auto 103 Savage 89
Western Auto 103.13 Marlin 81
Western Auto 103.16 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.18 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.181 Marlin 101
Western Auto 103.19780 Marlin 101
Western Auto 103.19790 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.19800 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.1981 Marlin 81
Western Auto 103.1982 Marlin 81DL
Western Auto 103.19820 Marlin 81
Western Auto 103.19840 Marlin 56
Western Auto 103.19880 Marlin 57
Western Auto 103.19890 Marlin 57M
Western Auto 103.1997 Marlin 101
Western Auto 103.2 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.228 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.229 Marlin 81
Western Auto 103.273 Marlin 980
Western Auto 103.274 Marlin 122
Western Auto 103.2751 Marlin 122
Western Auto 103.2840 Marlin 80
Western Auto 103.2850 Marlin 81
Western Auto 103.2870 Marlin 56
Western Auto 103.360 Marlin 90
Western Auto 103.450 Marlin 336
Western Auto 103.451 Marlin 336
Western Auto 103.720 Marlin 59
Western Auto 103.740 Marlin 59
Western Auto 105-2060 Marlin 780
Western Auto 105-2060 Marlin 80
Western Auto 107 Mossberg 640K
Western Auto 107A Mossberg 640
Western Auto 110-2140 Marlin 81
Western Auto 110-2140 Marlin 781
Western Auto 115 Savage 46
Western Auto 115-2277 Marlin 57
Western Auto 116-2276 Marlin 57M
Western Auto 117 Mossberg 402
Western Auto 120-2220 Marlin 99
Western Auto 125 Mossberg 353
Western Auto 135 Savage 187
Western Auto 135 Springfield 187A
Western Auto 150M Marlin 49
Western Auto 150-2225 Marlin 49
Western Auto 160 Springfield 187A
Western Auto 160 Savage 80
Western Auto 200-2280 Marlin 39A
Western Auto 200-2282 Marlin 39A
Western Auto 200-2550 Marlin 336
Western Auto 200-2554 Marlin 336 (.44mag)
Western Auto 205 Mossberg 472PCA
Western Auto 210A Mossberg 810AH
Western Auto 220A Mossberg 800A
Western Auto 220AD Mossberg 800AD
Western Auto 220B Mossberg 800B
Western Auto 220BD Mossberg 800BD
Western Auto 220C Mossberg 800C
Western Auto 220CD Mossberg 800CD
Western Auto 225 Savage 340
Western Auto 2280 Marlin 39A
Western Auto 2282 Marlin 39A Mountie
Western Auto 230 Savage 340
Western Auto 250 Savage 110E
Western Auto 250A Savage 110D
Western Auto 250D Savage 110
Western Auto 260 Savage 170
Western Auto 260 Springfield 174
Western Auto 300 Springfield 67
Western Auto 300 Stevens 30
Western Auto 300A Savage 30AC
Western Auto 300F Stevens 77C
Western Auto 300H Savage 30,H,AC
Western Auto 300-300AC Springfield 67
Western Auto 310 Mossberg 500
Western Auto 310A Mossberg 500A
Western Auto 310AB Mossberg 500AB
Western Auto 310B Mossberg 500B
Western Auto 310C Mossberg 500C
Western Auto 310E Mossberg 500E
Western Auto 312 Mossberg 395
Western Auto 312AK Mossberg 395K
Western Auto 312SB Mossberg 395T
Western Auto 316 Mossberg 390
Western Auto 316BB Mossberg 390T
Western Auto 316BK Mossberg 390K
Western Auto 325B Mossberg 385T
Western Auto 325BK Mossberg 385K
Western Auto 330 Mossberg 183,183K
Western Auto 330B Mossberg 183T
Western Auto 335-3725 Marlin 59
Western Auto 336 Springfield 951
Western Auto 350 Stevens 94
Western Auto 350A Savage 94D
Western Auto 350M Stevens 94
Western Auto 355 Stevens 947
Western Auto 355Y Savage 94Y
Western Auto 355YE Springfield 947YE
Western Auto 356Y Springfield 944Y
Western Auto 360 Savage 540
Western Auto 360 Savage Fox Mod. B
Western Auto 360C Savage 540C
Western Auto 400 Stevens 745
Western Auto 400C Savage 745C
Western Auto 420 High Standard Supermatic C-2011
Western Auto 425 High Standard Supermatic C-1200
Western Auto 460 Springfield 511
Western Auto SD52A Stevens 311
West Point 45 Marlin 60
Wards, Western Field, Hawthorn
Hawthorn 110 Unknown S shot SG
Hawthorn 580 EJN Colt Colteer/bolt
Hawthorn 814 EJN Colt Colteer/SS
Hawthorn 820B Mossberg 340
Hawthorn 880 Colt Colteer/semi
Hawthorn 880 EJN Colt Colteer/bolt
Wards 24M 419A Mossberg 9
Wards 472 Noble 50
Wards 850 Mossberg 353
Wards Triumph 52 Savage 315
Western Field 04M-489A Mossberg 50
Western Field 04M-218A Mossberg 73C
Western Field 04M-2117A Mossberg 9
Western Field 94M-217A Mossberg 75C
Western Field 04M-214A Mossberg 85C
Western Field 04M-216A Mossberg 83C
Western Field 1 Mossberg RF-1
Western Field 10-SD247A Stevens 94B (tenite)
Western Field 14 Savage 39A
Western Field 14 Savage 59A
Western Field 14M-215A Mossberg 85
Western Field 14M-497B Mossberg M42
Western Field 14M-488A Mossberg 50
Western Field 15 Mossberg 80
Western Field 150 Mossberg 183K
Western Field 151X Kessler ?
Western Field 155 Mossberg 173
Western Field 15A Mossberg 83
Western Field 16 Mossberg 85
Western Field 160 Mossberg 385K
Western Field 16A Mossberg 85
Western Field 17 Mossberg 73
Western Field 170 Mossberg 395K
Western Field 172 Mossberg 395K
Western Field 173 Mossberg 395
Western Field 175 Mossberg 385K
Western Field 17A Mossberg 73
Western Field 18 Mossberg 75
Western Field 20 Mossberg 9R
Western Field 215A Mossberg 85
Western Field 24M-488A Mossberg 51
Western Field 30 Savage 520
Western Field 31 Savage 620, 620A
Western Field 31A Mossberg 44
Western Field 31A Mossberg 40
Western Field 32 Mossberg 21
Western Field 32 Mossberg 20
Western Field 33 Marlin 336
Western Field 35A Mossberg 30
Western Field 36 Savage 521
Western Field 36 Mossberg 10
Western Field 36B Mossberg 25A
Western Field 36B Mossberg 10
Western Field 36C Mossberg 25A
Western Field 36D Mossberg 26C
Western Field 37 Mossberg 30
Western Field 39 Mossberg 25
Western Field 390A Mossberg 26C
Western Field 40,D Mossberg 44
Western Field 40 Marlin 101
Western Field 40N Noble 40NA
Western Field 40M-215A Mossberg 185
Western Field 41 Mossberg 45
Western Field 45 Marlin 989M2
Western Field 45 Mossberg 42
Western Field 45B Mossberg 26C
Western Field 45C Mossberg 25A
Western Field 46 Mossberg 42
Western Field 466 Mossberg RA1
Western Field 469 Mossberg RA1-Kit
Western Field 46A Mossberg 42
Western Field 46C Mossberg 42A
Western Field 46D Mossberg 42C
Western Field 47 Mossberg 45A
Western Field 472 Noble 50
Western Field 47A,L Mossberg 45A
Western Field 48 Mossberg 45A
Western Field 488A Mossberg 51
Western Field 48A Mossberg 45B
Western Field 48A Mossberg 46MLB
Western Field 5-4 Mossberg 8-M4
Western Field 50 Glenfield 60
Western Field 502-26FR Mossberg 500
Western Field 505 Mossberg 500
Western Field 509 Mossberg 500
Western Field 524 Mossberg 500
Western Field 534 Mossberg 500
Western Field 536 Mossberg 500
Western Field 539 Mossberg 500
Western Field 550A Mossberg 500A
Western Field 550AB Mossberg 500AB
Western Field 550B Mossberg 500B
Western Field 550C Mossberg 500B
Western Field 550E Mossberg 500E
Western Field 60 Savage 620A
Western Field 600ERI 12 ga. Remington SPT 58
Western Field 60SB Savage 620A
Western Field 679 Mossberg 472
Western Field 710 Savage 110
Western Field 72 Noble 50
Western Field ENH 506-8A Noble 60
Western Field 72C Mossberg 472
Western Field 730 Mossberg 810AH
Western Field 732 Mossberg 810AH
Western Field 734 Mossberg 810A
Western Field 740 Marlin 336
Western Field 75 Iver Johnson Sealed 8 solid
Western Field 765 Mossberg 810A
Western Field 766 Mossberg 810B
Western Field 767 Mossberg 800A
Western Field 768 Mossberg 800A
Western Field 771 Mossberg 472BA
Western Field 772 Mossberg 472PCA
Western Field 775 Mossberg 800AD
Western Field 776 Mossberg 800BD
Western Field 778 Mossberg 472BAS
Western Field 780 Mossberg 800A
Western Field 782 Mossberg 800B
Western Field 79 Mossberg 472 PRA
Western Field 80 Savage 29
Western Field 807A ECH Colt Colteer SS
Western Field 808 Savage 87
Western Field 808C Savage 87J
Western Field 815 Mossberg 321
Western Field 820B Mossberg 340
Western Field 822 Mossberg 640K
Western Field 828 Mossberg 353
Western Field 830 Mossberg 340K
Western Field 832 Mossberg 341
Western Field 836 Savage 187N
Western Field 840 Mossberg 640
Western Field 842 Mossberg 346K
Western Field 846 Mossberg 351C
Western Field 850, 855 Mossberg 353
Western Field 852 Mossberg 341
Western Field 865 Mossberg 402
Western Field 880 Colt Colteer semi
Western Field 894 Mossberg 430-432
Western Field 895 Mossberg 402
Western Field 9-2 ¾ Mossberg 9-2 ½
Western Field 93M Mossberg 26C
Western Field 93M-213A Mossberg 75B
Western Field 93M-2116A Mossberg 9
Western Field 93M-212A Mossberg 73B
Western Field 93M-211A Mossberg 83B
Western Field 93M-210A Mossberg 85B
Western Field 93M-390A Mossberg 26C
Western Field 93M-497A Mossberg 42C
Western Field 93M-491A Mossberg 46B
Western Field 93M-495A Mossberg 45B
Western Field EHM 770A Mauser 3000
Western Field EMN 171 Marlin 50
Western Field EMN 175 Marlin 50
Western Field EMN 176 Marlin 55
Western Field M-SD57 Stevens M87
Western Field M025 Savage 520A
Western Field M040 O/U Marlin 90
Western Field M040N Stevens 820
Western Field M051 Stevens 515
Western Field M059 Stevens M87
Western Field M060 Stevens 620
Western Field M080 Savage 29, 75
Western Field M087 Stevens M87
Western Field M10 Stevens 94 Short Tang
Western Field M150 Mossberg 183T
Western Field M155 Mossberg 183D
Western Field M160 Mossberg 385T
Western Field M170 Mossberg 395S
Western Field M172 Mossberg 395K
Western Field M175 Mossberg 385K
Western Field M23 NH402A Stevens 820
Western Field M35 Savage 520 Poly
Western Field M36 Savage 521
Western Field M60 Savage 620 Deluxe
Western Field M61 Savage 621 Deluxe
Western Field M72 Mossberg 472 PRA
Western Field M735 Mossberg 810BH
Western Field M771 Mossberg 472SBA
Western Field M772 Mossberg 472PCA
Western Field M775 Mossberg 800AD
Western Field M776 Mossberg 800BD
Western Field M778 Mossberg 472BAS
Western Field M780 Mossberg 800A
Western Field M782 Mossberg 800B
Western Field M808,C Stevens 87,C,J
Western Field M808N Stevens 87N
Western Field M80A Savage M29-D1
Western Field M815 Mossberg 320
Western Field M822 Mossberg 640K
Western Field M85 Stevens 85
Western Field M898 Mossberg 333
Western Field M-SD57 Stevens 87
Western Field SB 94B Stevens 94C
Western Field SB033 Savage 520 w/ Poly
Western Field SB066 Savage 621 Deluxe Poly
Western Field SB067 Savage 621 Deluxe Comp
Western Field SB112C Savage 540C
Western Field SB115 Savage 115
Western Field SB300,C Stevens 311,C
Western Field SB30A Savage 520
Western Field SB311C Savage 311C
Western Field SB312 Savage 540DL
Western Field SB312 Savage-Fox BDL
Western Field SB33 Savage 520 Poly
Western Field SB60A Savage 620 Deluxe
Western Field SB61A Savage 621 Deluxe
Western Field SB620A Stevens 620A
Western Field SB66 Savage 621 Deluxe Poly
Western Field SB712 Savage 840
Western Field SB80A Savage 29-D1
Western Field SB85TA Stevens 85
Western Field SB87TA Stevens M87
Western Field XNH 175 Marlin 55
Western Field XNH 565 Noble 60-66
Widgeon SA 650 Marlin 55 12 ga.