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EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION:Murray State College, Tishomingo Oklahoma
Major: Gunsmithing Technology
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Number of Hours in major: 48
Number of College Hours: 72
Date Attended: January 1985 to May 1987
Estimated Grade Point Average(A=4): All Courses 3.6
College Activities Member, Murray State College Gunsmithing Club, Two Years; Member, Social Science Club, One Year
Classen High School, Oklahoma City

Branch: United States Army, August 29, 1959 to August 28, 1961
Unitied States Navy, February 1, 1963 to May 15, 1967
United States Army Reserve Oklahoma National Guard, May 9, 1985 to January 8, 2000
Retired Sgt. With 23 Years Service
Job Title: Machinest Mate, Truck Driver

Murray State College, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Residence Assistant, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, January 1986 to 1987
Thomas Concrete Products Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Maintenance worker,April 1974 to December 1984
Dayton Tire and Rubber Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 1972 to April 1974
I am a life member of:
The National Rifle Assoriation of America
The Oklahoma Rifle Assoriation
The United States Practical Shooting Assoriation.

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