Colonial Arms:Screw-in choke tubes in 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, GagesCOLONIAL ARMS SUPER STEEL SCREW-IN CHOKE TUBE FOR STEEL SHOT

Tough, Blued Steel Designed To Take Steel Shot Abuse, So Gun Barrel Doesn’t.

The trouble with steel shot is that it will bulge even the toughest, thickest shotgun 1 rel at the choke, gradually destroying not only pattern density but the barrel itself. Plus, the battering also jams the choke tube threads into the barrel threads, making removal extremely difficult. Colonial has solved the problem by making their Super Steel tubes with the choke beyond the barrel and threads. Even Colonial’s tough, thick, blued steel Super Steel tube will expand, but when it does, all that is damaged is the tube, not an expensive barrel. Just unscrew the tube and replace with a new one.

SPECS: Biued steel. Approximately 2 5/8″ (6.7cm) long, except “Long Invisible” which are 3 1/8″( 17.9cm) long. Threads are as follows
Win-Choke  Invisible 12ga. are .812″-32 tpi, 20 ga. are .687″-32 tpi:
Rem  Choke Long Invisible 12 ga. are .812″-32 tpi:
Tru-Choke”-style Tru-Tube 10ga.are .865″-44 tpi, 12ga. are .795″-44 tpi, 16 ga. are . 718″-44 tpi, 20 ga. are .675″-44 tpi;  28ga. are .613″-44 tpi
Tru-Choke” – style Thinwall are . 774 “-44. tpi

Hastings:Flush mount screw-in choke tubes in  Eather the Win-Choke Style tube or the Tru-Choke Style tube in 12 and 20 Gages.

Quality Replacement Choke Tubes
“Hide” In The Barrel


Replacement tubes to fit shotgun barrels that have been con­verted with Clymer or Colonial Standard Tru-Choke”
 -style tooling system (not Thinwall). Also fit Hastings CTI barrels. For use with LEAD SHOT ONLY!
SPECS: 12 ga. -.794 “-44 tpi. 20 ga..674”-44 tpi.


Extended Tubes Produce Extra-Tight Patterns For Card Shoots And Gobblers
Longer, parallel choke section restrictions and smaller muzzle diame­ters give even “tighter-than-extra-full” pat­terns with lead shot. Made from heat-treated, 17-4 stainless steel for exceptional strength. Bead-blasted and bl Lied. dull, matte finish that won’t spook game.
For use with LEAD SHOT ONLY! Pattern shotgun with largest restriction first.
SPECS: 12 ga. only to fit following styles: Wm-ChokeP: 812′-32 tpi Tru-Choke”: .794″-44 tpi. Rem” Choke: .812′-32 tpi.

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