Twas the Night Before Christmas


   Twas the night before Christmas, cold, dark and foreboding,
   As I sat at the workbench, quite busy reloading,
   The empties from autumn were polished so clear,
   For primers and powder, and bullets from Speer.
   And Hornady boat-tails, and Nosler´s Partitions;
   (My bench ain´t no place for brand name omissions!)

   All sat in their boxes, right next to the press,
   With dies from Redding, and RCBS.
   When all of a sudden there came such a jolt,
   I grabbed for my Remington, and whipped out my Colt.
   As I spilled Hodgdon’s powder all over the shelf,
   I scrambled for cover, just to protect myself.

   From up on the rooftop, came hoofbeats and snorting,
   Like the noise out of L´il Rock, from Clinton´s cavorting!
   I eased off the safety, to press-check my auto
   With 230-hardball, I´d knock ´em all blotto.

   Were these rogue federal agents, sent by Schumer and Reno?
   Or a staggering Ted Kennedy, in bad need of vino?
   My question was answered with a knock, and some sneezing,
   “It´s Santa, you moron, lemme in there, I’m freezing!”

   I flipped off the dead-bolt and threw the door wide,
   To find St. Nick a’shivering, Rudolph by his side
   He eyeballed my Garand, with a nod of approval
   “You´re all set,” he said, “for dirtball removal.”
   “But this is no raid, we´re not here to harm you
   Or persecute, prosecute, or even disarm you.”

   Instead, said dear Santa, he needed to borrow
   My .44 Magnum, ’till day after tomorrow.
   “It´s okay,” he assured me, with a hint of frustration.
   “I´m enrolled in the National Rifle Association.”

   He showed me his card, ’twas a Life Member rating
   “I´ve had this since me and the missus were dating!”
   “And you see, ol’ buddy, I´ve gotten real nervous
   Since Hillary was elected, with a promise to serve us.”

   So henceforth as I´m out there, my presents a’stackin’
   “I want to assure you, I´m legally packin’.”
   “And my gift for you this year, should give you a hoot
   “I´ve told the Supreme Court to give Brady the boot!
   “Now, Rudy and I must be on our way.”
   He said, as he climbed back on the seat of his sleigh.

   With the reins in his hand, and my Colt in his pocket
   He jingled the sleighbells and was off like a rocket.
   With a pair of speedloaders, and ammo to spare
   I knew he´d be safe, he was loaded for bear.

   As he faded from view, I could still hear him calling,
   “From DC, where ‘PC’ is already falling,
   “To bad guys in LA, Detroit and Atlanta:
   “I´m licensed to carry. Don´t be messin’ with Santa!”

The Night Before Christmas


  Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone
  In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone.
  I had come down the chimney with presents to give,
  And to see just who in this home did live.
  I looked all about, a strange sight did I see,
  No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree.
  No stocking by the mantle, just boots filled with sand,
  on the wall hung pictures of far distant lands.
  With medals and badges, awards of all kinds,
  a sober thought came through my mind.
  For this house was different, it was dark and dreary,
  I found the house of a soldier, once I could see clearly.
  The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone,
  curled upon the floor in this one bedroom home.
  The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder,
  Not how I pictured a United States soldier.
  Was this the hero of whom I just read?
  Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed?
  I realized the families I saw on this night,
  owed their lives to these soldiers, who were willing to fight.
  Soon round the world the children would play,
  And grownups would celebrate a bright Christmas day.
  They all enjoyed freedom each month of the year,
  Because of the soldiers, like the one lying here.
  I couldn’t help wonder how many lay alone,
  on a cold Christmas Eve, in a land far from home.
  The very thought brought a tear to my eye,
  I dropped to my knees and started to cry.
  The soldier awakened and I heard a rough voice,
  “Santa, don’t cry, this life is my choice;
  I fight for freedom, I don’t ask for more,
  My life is my God, my country, my Corps.”
  The soldier rolled over and drifted to sleep,
  I couldn’t control it, I started to weep.
  I kept watch for hours, so silent and still
  And we both shivered from the cold night’s chill.
  I didn’t want to leave on that cold, dark night
  This Guardian of Honor so willing to fight.
  The soldier rolled over, with a voice soft and pure,
  whispered, “Carry on, Santa,
  It’s Christmas Day, All is secure.”
  One look at my watch and I knew he was right
  Merry Christmas, my friend, and to all a Good Night!
                                          -Author Unknown



State law preempts the entire field of legislation touching in any way firearms, components, ammunition, and supplies. There are some exceptions to this preemption, including municipal law relating to discharge of firearms, confiscation of property used unlawfully, and certain penalty provisions.

Except for an act of self-defense, it is unlawful to point any firearm, whether loaded or not, at any other person.

It is unlawful to willfully discharge any firearm, air gun or other weapon in any place where there is any person to be endangered thereby.

It is unlawful to transport or discharge a shotgun, rifle, or pistol from a boat under power or sail, except for the purposes of hunting animals or fowl. It is unlawful to transport or discharge a shotgun, rifle, or pistol from a boat under sail, except for the purposes of hunting animals or fowl. Persons with a valid concealed handgun license may lawfully transport a concealed handgun.

It is unlawful to willingly or maliciously disturb the peace and quiet by shooting or brandishing a firearm.

It is unlawful for a person other than an authorized law enforcement officer to board a bus with a firearm concealed “upon or about” his person.

No persons may shoot game while riding in or on any motor driven land, air, or water conveyance, except a nonambulatory person may hunt from such with written permission of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Director.

No person may hunt, pursue game or use firearms within 440 yards of a church, schoolhouse, or other public place where people may assemble, so as to disturb such assemblage.

No person may shoot at wildlife from or across a public road or highway, or railroad right of way.

It is unlawful to manufacture, sell, or possess, carry upon the person, use or attempt to use against another person any round or elongated missile with a core of less than 60% lead and having a fluorocarbon coating which is designed to travel at a high velocity and is capable of penetrating body armor.



It is lawful to possess, purchase, or sell a machine gun that is legally registered and possessed in compliance with all federal laws and regulations.



Oklahoma statutes are silent on antique and replica firearms. They are treated as ordinary firearms for possession and carrying purposes.



It is unlawful for any person to carry a firearm upon or about his person, or in any container, except for peace officers in the performance of official duties, hunting, fishing, educational or recreational purposes or as otherwise permitted by statute.

A person is permitted to carry shotguns, rifles and pistols, open and not concealed, under the following circumstances: when hunting, during safety class, target shooting, or other recognized sporting events; for a military function of the government; for a recognized police function; for entertainment events; and for any legitimate purpose not in violation of the firearm laws.

A person is permitted to carry unloaded shotguns, rifles and pistols, open and not concealed, under the following conditions:

(1) when going to or from the person’s private residence or vehicle to a place designated for firearms repair, or for firearms trade, or hunting, or hunter safety course, or target shooting, or any recognized firearms activity or event and while in such places; or

(2) for any legitimate purpose not in violation of the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971, Sections 1289.1 through 1289.17 .

A person may transport in a motor vehicle a rifle, shotgun or pistol, open1 and unloaded at any time.

It is unlawful to possess a firearm in any establishment where alcoholic beverages are consumed. However, a person possessing a concealed handgun license may carry into any establishment where the sale of alcoholic beverages does not constitute the primary purpose of the business.

It is unlawful to carry a firearm for the purpose of unlawfully injuring another person.

It is unlawful to transport a loaded firearm in a landborne motor vehicle over a public road or highway. However, a rifle or shotgun may be transported with magazine loaded and chamber unloaded when in an exterior locked compartment or trunk of the vehicle.

It is unlawful to carry or use firearms while under the influence of: alcohol; any unprescribed drug; or any prescribed drug if such drug would result in abnormal behavior.

The State Bureau of Investigation is authorized to issue a license for concealed carry. The following are prerequisites for a concealed handgun license: U.S. citizenship; Oklahoma residency for 6 months; any military personnel with a valid Oklahoma driver license or state photo identification card who physically resides in this state for at least six months of each year; 23 years of age; firearms safety and use training, demonstration of competence and qualifications with the type of pistol to be carried, and submission of proof of training and qualification or an exemption for training and qualification; submission of required fee and completion of the application process; and compliance in good faith with the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. These same requirements apply for license renewal, except the training requirements shall not apply.

The following are disqualifications for a concealed handgun license: any felony conviction anywhere or adjudication as a delinquent in Oklahoma; adjudication as a mentally incompetent person; any false or misleading statement on the application for a handgun license; conviction of any of the following misdemeanor offenses in any state: assault and battery causing serious physical injury, aggravated assault and battery, second or subsequent assault and battery conviction, stalking, a violation relating to a protection from domestic abuse law, illegal drug use or possession; any attempted suicide or other condition relating to or indicating mental instability; currently undergoing treatment for a mental illness, significant character defects as evidenced by misdemeanor criminal record indicating habitual criminal activity; or ineligible to possess a pistol due to any provision of Oklahoma law or the United States Code.

The following are disqualifications for a period of three years: an arrest for an alleged commission of a felony or a felony charge pending; subject to the provisions of a deferred sentence or deferred prosecution for a felony offense; any involuntary commitment for a mental illness or condition; has undergone treatment for a mental illness, condition or disorder which required medication or supervision; inpatient treatment for substance abuse; two or more convictions of public intoxication; two or more misdemeanor convictions relating to intoxication or driving under the influence; court order for a victim protection order against the applicant (5 years from the date of the order if the order does not have an expiration date, or 3 years from the expiration date of the order); an adjudicated delinquent or convicted felon residing in the residence of the applicant which may be a violation of the law providing that such persons may not be given possession or control of any pistol ; an arrest for an alleged commission of, a charge pending for, or subject to the provisions of a deferred sentence or deferred prosecution for any one or more of the following misdemeanor offenses: any assault and battery which caused serious physical injury, any aggravated assault and battery, stalking, any violation of a protection from domestic abuse law , or any violation relating to illegal drug use or possession.

The State Bureau of Investigation will provide application packets. The application shall be made under oath and signed in person before the sheriff of the county where applicant resides. The non-refundable fee of $100.00, two passport size photographs, and the original certificate of training or exemption certificate shall also be submitted. If photographs are taken by the sheriff the costs of the photographs shall not exceed $10.00 for the two photos. Applicant must bring a valid photo ID. The sheriff shall take two complete sets of fingerprints of the applicant. The cost of the fingerprinting shall be paid by the applicant and shall not exceed $25.00.

There are three types of authorized pistols: derringer, revolver and semiautomatic. The licensee may carry concealed any make or model of the type(s) of pistol he is authorized to carry. Authorization for one or more type of pistol may be obtained by training and demonstration of competency, under an approved firearms instructor. Any applicant who trains with a semiautomatic may also be approved, upon request, for revolver and derringer. The training and qualification course shall be conducted so as to be completed within an eight-hour period. The fee for the course is not to exceed $60.00. Certain personnel in law enforcement, military, security and firearms instruction may be exempt from all or part of the required training process.

The license shall be valid for 4 years. It is prohibited to carry any concealed handgun of a caliber exceeding .45, or loaded with any ammunition which is a restricted bullet as defined by Oklahoma Statutes Title 21, Section 1289.19 (armor piercing). Whenever carrying a concealed handgun, the licensee must also carry the license and a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or other identification.

The State Bureau of Investigation shall act upon the application within 90 days. A denial shall be in writing, stating the grounds for the denial and informing the applicant of the right to appeal as may be provided by the provisions of the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act. Any administrative hearing on a denial which may be provided shall be conducted by a hearing examiner appointed by the Bureau. The hearing examiner’s decision shall be a final decision appealable to a district court in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act.

If license is missing, lost, stolen, or destroyed, the licensee shall notify the State Bureau of Investigation within 30 days and will not have authority to carry a concealed handgun until license is replaced.

It is unlawful for a licensee to fail or refuse to inform a police officer that the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun when the licensee first comes into contact with any law enforcement officer during the course of any arrest, detention or routine traffic stop.

It is unlawful for any person having a concealed handgun license to carry a concealed handgun into any: structure which is owned or leased by any governmental authority for the purpose of conducting business with the public; any meeting of any elected or appointed government officials; any facility used to hold or house prisoners, arrested persons, or persons alleged or adjudicated delinquent; any elementary, secondary, or vocational-technical school property; any sports arena during a professional sporting event; any place where pari-mutuel wagering is authorized by law; and any other place specifically prohibited by law. Except for any elementary, secondary, or vocational-technical school property, these prohibitions do not apply to parking lots.

Nothing contained in any provision of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act shall be construed to authorize the registration of serial numbers with regard to any firearm.

It is unlawful for any person having a valid concealed handgun license to carry the handgun into or upon any college or university property, except on (1) any property set aside for the use of any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, if the handgun is carried or stored as required by law and is not removed from the vehicle without the consent of the college or university president; (2) property authorized for possession or use of handguns by college or university policy; or (3) property authorized by written consent of the president, if this consent is carried along with the license.

A valid concealed carry permit or license issued by another state to its residents shall be recognized provided the issuing state recognizes this state’s concealed handgun license and the firearm remains concealed and provided that upon coming into contact with a peace officer the person discloses possession of a concealed firearm.



No state permit is required for the purchase of a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

It is unlawful to sell or give any firearm to any person under 18 years of age. Exempt from this prohibition is a parent giving his or her child a rifle or shotgun for participation in hunting, target shooting, or other recognized sporting events. It is unlawful for any parent or guardian to permit his or her child to possess any firearm if aware of a substantial risk that the child will use the weapon in a crime or if the child has been adjudicated a delinquent or convicted as an adult of any criminal offense.

It is unlawful for any person to knowingly furnish any firearm to any person who is: a felon; a delinquent; under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or is mentally or emotionally incompetent, unbalanced or disturbed.



No state permit is required to possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun. It is unlawful to possess a sawed-off shotgun or rifle without a federal license.

It is unlawful for any person under 18 years of age to possess any weapon, except rifles or shotguns used in hunting, target shooting, or other recognized sporting event.

It is unlawful for a felon to possess or control, or have in any vehicle, or in his residence, any pistol, imitation pistol, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun or rifle, or any other firearm which could be easily concealed. This same prohibition applies to anyone adjudicated a delinquent child for an offense which would have constituted a felony if committed by an adult, for ten years after such adjudication.

It is unlawful for any person under the supervision of the Department of Corrections to possess or control, or have in any vehicle or in his residence, any pistol, shotgun or rifle.

It is unlawful for any unauthorized person to possess a firearm on any school property or vehicle. Exempt is a gun designed for hunting kept in a private vehicle and properly stored as required by law, or a handgun carried in a vehicle pursuant to a valid handgun license, provided such vehicle is driven on school property only to transport a student and does not remain unattended on school property.



“The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power, when thereunto legally summoned, shall never be prohibited, but nothing herein contained shall prevent the legislature from regulating the carrying of weapons.” Article 2, Section 26.

Manufacturer Cross Reference – 1

Store Brand to Manufacturer Cross Reference
Store Model Original Model
Brand No. Manufact. No.
Aldens 670 Springfield 67
Aldens 670 Savage 67
Belknap B64 Savage 67
Belknap B68 Savage 94C
Belknap B68D Savage 94D
Coast to Coast 285 Savage 7J
Coast to Coast 288 Savage 87J
Coast to Coast 843 2 DS Savage 340 (222)
Coast to Coast 843 2 DS Savage 340 (30/30)
Cotter & Co. 167 Springfield 67
Cotter & Co. 33 Marlin 336C
Cotter & Co. 424 Savage 24F
Cotter & Co. 60-50 Marlin 99C
Cotter & Co. 75-45 Marlin 99M1
C.I.L. 212 Savage 7J
C.I.L. 221 Savage 7J
C.I.L. 227 Savage 87J
C.I.L. 607 Savage 67
C.I.L. 710 Savage 311
C.I.L. 830 Savage 340
Eastern Arms 101.1 Savage 94B
Gamble Pioneer 26 Savage 5B, 86E
Gamble Skogkmo 189J Savage 87J
Glenfield 30A Marlin 336
Glenfield 35 Marlin 336 35 Cal
Glenfield 60 Marlin 99C
Glenfield 65 Marlin 99M1
Hercules 50 Stevens 5100
J.C.Penney 2935 Marlin 336
J.C.Penney 3040 Marlin 336
J.C.Penney 6660 Marlin 99C
Mossberg 1500 Howa 1500
New Haven 285 Mossberg 185D-C
New Haven 290 Mossberg 190D-A
New Haven 295 Mossberg 195D
New Haven 600AB Mossberg 500AB
New Haven 600C Mossberg 500C
New Haven 600E Mossberg 500E
Otasco 30 Marlin 336
Otasco 65 Marlin 99C
J.C.Higgins 101.1 Savage 94
J.C.Higgins 6670H Stevens 67H
Ranger 120 Winchester 1200
Ranger 30 Stevens 520A
Ranger 400 Stevens 311
Sears 101.1 Savage 94
Sears 101.10040 Savage 94
Sears 101.10041 Savage 38A & 58A
Sears 101.138 Savage 58C
Sears 101.1380 Stevens 58,51,E,F
Sears 101.16 Savage 6, 87
Sears 101.1620-1670 Stevens 530,A;311A,C
Store Model Original Model
Brand No. Manufac. No.
Sears 101.1700 Savage 94
Sears 101.1750 Savage 94
Sears 101.1760 Savage 94
Sears 101.451 Marlin 336
Sears 101.51004 Savage 94
Sears 101.510070 Savage 94
Sears 101.51024 Savage 94
Sears 101.51026 Savage 94
Sears 101.51270 Savage 94
Sears 101.51044 Savage 94
Sears 101.512220 Stevens 5100,530,311
Sears 101.512230 Stevens 5100,530,311
Sears 101.51451 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51452 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51454 Springfield 67
Sears 101.51472 Springfield 67 Series B
Sears 101.53521 Springfield 340
Sears 101.53527 Springfield 340
Sears 101.6 Stevens 39A,59A,B,C
Sears 101.7 Stevens 311
Sears 101.7C Stevens 311-C
Sears 102.25 Stevens 520A
Sears 103.450 Marlin 336
Sears 103.451 Marlin 336
Sears 200 Winchester 1200
Sears 300 Winchester 1400
Sears 45 Marlin 336C
Sears 49.448 30/30 Savage 99A
Sears 5100 Stevens 311
Sears 53 Winchester 70
Sears 54 Winchester 94
Sears 97 Savage 94
Sears 94AC Savage 94AC
Sears M30 Stevens M520
Sears 100 273.532141 Winchester NM94
Sears 200 All Models Winchester 1200
Sears 300 All Models Winchester 1400
Sears 3T-A 273.239 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.2400 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.528110 Winchester 190-290
Sears 3T-A 273.52811 Winchester 190-290
Sears 54 All Models Winchester NM94
Sears T.W. 73 273.1830 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1840 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1850 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1860 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.1870 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.31010 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.31060 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32020 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32030 Winchester New Mod. 70
Sears T.W. 73 273.32040 Winchester New Mod. 70