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Shilen or Douglas barrels.

Your choice of barrel.
Shilen Barrel Cal., .17-10,.224-9,.224-12,.224-14,.22Rem-16,6mm-10,6mm-12,.257-10,
Douglas Barrel Cal., .17-10,.224-9,.224-12,.224-14,.22Rem-16,6mm-10,6mm-12,.257-10,


Colonial Arms  Screw-in choke tubes in 10, 12, 16, 20, and 410 Gages

Hastings Flush mount screw-in choke tubes in  Either the Win-Choke Style tube or the Tru-Choke Style tube in 12 and 20 Gages.


Clean all Pistols and Revolvers.

 Clean all Pistols and Revolvers____________________________________________$10.00

Handgun work

 Semi-Auto pistol action job,
Clean, smooth action, not including parts___________________________________$50.00
Throat,polish barrel and feed ramp 1911 auto_______________________________$25.00
Fit custom hammer to 1911,dos not including cost of hammer__________________$40.00
Modify 1911 auto frame for beavertail safety,
includes fitting of safety,dos NOT include cost
of safety____________________________________________________________$60.00
Fit custom hammer to 1911,dos NOT include cost of hammer_________________$40.00
Tighten slide of 1911 auto_____________________________________________$50.00
Build custom pistols
Build custom barrels


 All bluing it a hot bluing bath.


 Oxynate 7 Rebluing

 Wire wheel or matte finish $75.00

 Hunter Finish

 Pit and old finish are removed, gun finished off with #140 grit polish on loose wheel

 Handgun $125.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $150.00

 Deluxe Finish

 Same as above followed with #240 and #400 grit with all screw hole and corners protected and squared

 Handgun $150.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $175.00

 Master Finish

 Same as Deluxe finish with all polishing marks removed, no ripple, and finished with #555 polish to a mirror finish

 Handgun $175.00

 Rifle/Shotgun $200.00



Hunter Finish

 Unfilled oil or lacquer finish on average stock $100.00

 Same finish, but on a complicated stock $125.00

 Gunsmith Finish

 Filled,rubbed oil finish on average stock $150.00

 Same finish, but on a complicated stock $175.00

 Glass Bedding Barrel & Action Hunting rifle $65.00

 Inletting and Finishing of Semi-Finished Stock

 Not including checkering,recoil pade,Special butt plate,grip cap or other attachments. $150.00

 Fit,Bed and Finish Fiberglass Stock blank $175.00

 Pre finished Synthetic Stock,Fit and install barreled action $100.00

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